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We are the UPS supplier that you can rely on!

Ferrotech are the UPS suppliers that you can truly rely on! In South Africa we are completely dependent on our power supplier – ESKOM for all our power needs.  However, with the power outages we are experiencing nowadays, it is not impossible for you to be in the middle of a very important task when suddenly without warning ESKOM shuts down your electricity supply and you lose all the work you have done. If this sounds familiar, we have the answer for you! We offer a large range of UPS services and we are well informed about current transformers and their importance as well as how they operate. With one of the most comprehensive product ranges in the power industry, Ferrotech has the products and expertise to protect your vulnerable equipment. Our products are designed to provide consistent, first time protection and offer peace of mind to the user. Equipment protected by our voltage regulators will not suffer from the damage of an unstable power supply. The cornerstone of our business is superior quality and service excellence!

Ferrotech should be your sole choice when in need of a UPS supplier. A USP system enables you to save your information on your computer when the electricity is suddenly shut down. Ferrotech is South Africa’s trustworthy UPS supplier.  Ferrotech is supported by many years of experience and we have dealt with 26 years worth of queries and installations concerning voltage regulators and current transformers, therefore it makes sense to come directly to us for your USP system. There are many other UPS suppliers around, but are they knowledgeable and experienced enough to advise you of the proper products available to you on the market today? We guarantee to provide the best UPS services too!

We have UPS products like: UPS APC series, Power plus SA, Mega plus and more… 

Ferrotech – the power supplier of choice

When your organisation requires assistance in power issues, contact Ferrotech and we will determine what your needs are, in terms of a power supplier thereby ensuring that you get the solution that is best for you. The most important factor in the company's success has been the combined capability and long experience of its staff. Their expertise has been acknowledged as the leading force in providing the product quality, service and innovation, on which Ferrotech’s reputation is based.

Our power supplies include: true sinewave inverter, power supply from AC to DC and vice versa and also power supply from AC to DC dinrail and vice versa. Those aren’t all, we have many more as the best power supplier in Gauteng, you will never be disappointed with Ferrotech. From small beginnings in 1985, Ferrotech has built up an enviable reputation for quality workmanship and products.

You can visit our website to have a closer look at our product range and specifically the power supplies we have on offer. We would love to hear from you, so contact us to speak to one of our friendly consultants.